ulti-disciplinary artist Wax Wings talks to us about collaborating with Samantha Togni, touring and his upcoming album.

You're more than a DJ and more of an across-the-board creative force! Tell us about all the mediums you work in and what intrigues you about the multi-disciplinary approach.

The multi-disciplinary approach gives me creative control over all facets of my career, it allows me to concentrate on a total vision, melting all aspects i.e. branding, aesthetic, sound and emotions into a cohesive experience. Mediums include musical elements both acoustic/digital, traditional fine art practices, fashion and makeup. Not dissimilar from mixing genres, a blending of these mediums has given unexpected and fascinating results. This approach has also been used tactically, with so much competition around, to punch above the rest it’s crucial to have an extra advantage which makes you stand out.

How did you come to work with artist Samantha Togni on this upcoming release 'Whisperers'

Samantha has been a very close friend of mine for many years, and more recent of those we have lived together, sharing music, synths, ideas, criticism and many B2B sets. She is an unstoppable force and definitely not one to take your eyes off right now. Our remix swaps began when she reworked ‘Shame’ from an EP of mine released via Skint Records a couple of years back. After hearing about the remix package I was super pumped to be involved especially when featured alongside Neri J and Third Wife. Hope you enjoy the remix.

You have lots of high-profile performances, can you tell us about your favourite venues to play in London and abroad?

It’s really been a privilege to play at so many amazing events, but I must say that working with He.She.They the past two years has been so incredible. As a Northern QPOC with dark flamboyant aesthetic to be playing in Room One at Fabric on a Saturday night without boundaries for example, is quite the statement. HST has allowed me this luxury time after time around the world. They echo the core values of my so beloved queer London parties but in super club/festival format with open arms to all who reciprocate. Speaking of which, I have to also celebrate INFERNO, home to my favourite queers and crazies. I have played for them for many years, and this party never ceases to shock, surprise and inspire me.

Your album is rumoured to be in the works! What can we expect from you?

Probably quite the opposite to what everyone is thinking to be honest. For those who haven’t experienced, my DJ sound is usually fast, clanky, dark and mind bending, but I have produced music for years before I had hit the decks. I have always loved making songs with vocals, cinematic moments and playing live acoustic instruments. My forthcoming album ‘Umbilical’ is precisely that - a dark melancholic dip into the sounds that shaped my journey outside of the club lights.
It has been arduous, with real blood, sweat and tears - but I have finished and I am so excited to share this body of work with you all finally.

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Mar 30, 2020
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