yan, you've been working in the event industry for Lock N Load for quite some time managing some of the UK's largest dance-music events and festivals. How has this work inspired you to create your own music and has it changed your creative direction? I would be interesting to know if you see yourself being a headline act like those you support with your events.

Yeah, I working for Lock N Load has been so rewarding in terms of inspiring me on working on my own musical career and creating my own tracks. From working, meeting and networking with some of the world's top producers and also seeing their shows live, it's really given me that extra push and motivation. I've always wanted to get into DJ'ing and production, and my role has allowed me to not only excel over the years with DJ gigs but also push myself in a certain musical direction. After playing the 103 at Ministry of Sound numerous times, it made me realise what I wanted my first type of release to be which this EP is exactly about. I love all types of electronic music and have played and promoted events of all types, but House is definitely my musical direction.
Haha... I mean the goal is to always be a headline act at some point in whatever the future for any artist, but it has to be the journey that gets you there that's most important but yeah ultimately promoting and also going to a lot of our sold-out shows at some of the best venues in the country has definitely created that extra drive!

You've been DJing at some of the UK's best venues, what have been your favourite gigs to date and why?

One of my favourite gigs was my first in the 103 at Ministry of Sound and this was also my first gig whilst being at Lock N Load, which was supporting Sigma. Was always a big fan of them a few years ago, so to support them was cool and also to play one of my biggest gigs to date.
Then also playing and opening the main room of Printworks for 20 years of Together has to be my best moment personally at such an iconic club.
My other favourite gigs have to be my debut sets for ANTS at both Printworks and E1 as part of their day & night London parties in Feb 2020 before lockdown, was honestly insane working with such a great brand and doing two sets in one day was unreal!
Do you have any plans to perform abroad?
There are a few plans in the works, I have played in Ibiza before so was looking to get back out there in summer 2020 and play Amnesia, and hopefully will be able to in summer 2021! Also, I was booked for my first Asia headline show in Hong Kong in Feb 2020, but that didn't happen for obvious reasons! Hopefully, we go back to some sort of normality and I can get to play abroad properly eventually in 2021.

Tell us about your debut EP 'Waiting For You' what inspired the song and how did you meet Page 97 who remixed the track?

So, I have always wanted to release an EP as my first official release, and getting this signed to LSA was great. I wanted my first release to be a piano-driven commercial house track, one that I could see going down a treat at Ministry of Sound where I have played so many times over the years and my favourite club. Then to accompany the title track which would have a radio edit, extended edit and remix, I wanted a grittier underground tech-house style track which comes in the form of 'Do You'.
In my sets, I always play a range of house, from piano-driven house, tech-house, even disco. I also love the grittier pumping underground stuff. I wanted an EP of tracks that I would not only enjoy and want to make but also fit perfectly in my sets. Page 97, I've known since school actually; and we're really good friends, he's a great up and coming DJ/Producer and I knew he would do a great job on the remix and give it a completely different direction which completes the EP really nicely.
I'm really happy with the outcome and cannot wait for it to be released and hopefully, everyone will enjoy it and it will be able to be played in clubs soon!

What are your plans for 2021?

My plans are just to keep producing and working on my tracks, build up an arsenal of releases and get ready for when things return and clubs reopen. I really hope it isn't too far into 2021, and that we will all be on that dancefloor again at some point! I can't wait to play all the tracks I've worked on since the first lockdown live, so that's a driving point, and once things return, we will see how everything goes, but at the moment staying positive is the main aim!

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Jan 9, 2021
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