e caught up with Pearce E to talk about his forthcoming melodic techno single 'Stratosphere'

We are really in love with this release, tell us more about the concept...

Honestly, Stratosphere is a pretty special release for me, with this being the first time I’ve had multiple artists re-work one of my productions. It is also one of the first tracks I put together since creating the Pearce E alias and I’m excited to see it now part of the growing LSA label.

I’ve always been a bit of an advocate for the whole ‘less is more’ approach of production, and I think Stratosphere embodies this perfectly. Having originally set out to create a huge sound with as little elements as possible. Predominately it consists of drum samples programmed with midi and a synth sequence created on U-he's Repro, which I then recorded live automation to while looping the track once I had the general structure.

For this release, you've worked with some upcoming producers from the LSA alumni. These are some amazing remixes, can you tell us about them and why you chose them?

I couldn’t wait to hear everyone's take on Stratosphere and these remixes completely blew away my expectations, with each remix having its own individual distinct sound and vision while still remaining true to the original.

Blanka’s remix really resonated with me and it certainly brings Stratosphere to a whole new level with its powerful leads and open-air festival atmosphere. I felt it was everything that was lacking from the original track and compliments it incredibly well. Larma’s rough and ready approach completely won me over with his high energy synths and distorted original feel, while 1MRN demonstrated a solid understanding of production with a lively and playful remix that really stood out to me as a track which has been tailored for any occasion. Overall, it was tough to choose just three remixes to include on the EP but these promising DJs delivered. Big time!

You are primarily a producer but you're now working on your DJ skills. How has the journey been from producing to DJing?

Producing electronic music and mixing/performing electronic music simply go hand in hand and I feel once you get heavily invested enough into one, you’ll inevitably start doing the other. For myself, I would say it’s been a very natural progression as it’s always something I’ve wanted to do and of course has been producing for many years before playing in clubs has certainly had advantages. Having said this, as a producer I don’t think anything has been as eye-opening and insightful as playing to a dance floor full of people. Seeing how people react to certain tracks and hearing those tracks played on some of the best club sound systems in the world is an invaluable experience and has helped me understand the production process a whole lot more. Stratosphere was actually inspired by one of my favourite nights playing to a particularly sweaty basement room at EGG London nearer the start of this year.

What do you have in store, what projects are on the horizon?

As strange as this year has been for everyone it has of course been a good time to isolate and produce. Having had the opportunity to finish a lot of new music I am now focusing on future releases and eager to get back out to play events when possible.

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