any new producers struggle overcoming the first hurdles of making a release, and many fall by the way side. At LSA we are dedicated to nurturing new talent and showing them a path towards their first release. As part of this program supporting new producers we have launched a new course designed to co-engineer a release for LSA Records. It's a one-of-a-kind course offered nowhere else in the UK, if not the world.

The main obstacle for a new producer between them and their first release of often confidence. We see time and time again that producers have the ideas and the ability but lack the fundamental understand of how to launch a track and promote it. Nowadays it seems that to make a successful release you need to be an expert in producing, mastering, promoting and selling. Realistically it's not for everyone. It's far better that new producers focus on the music making and the label helps by creating the ecosystem that allows them to blossom as a new artist. At LSA that is exactly what we want to do, create a thriving ecosystem allowing a new producer to see a route to the sunlight.

Our new Debut Release Course will help a student polish their track under expert guidance of a co-engineer. It is part learning experience, part engineering and part promotion. The course starts with a session in the recording studio with our master producer Erin. He will look at your most developed ideas and start to show you how to drastically improve them both compositionally and sonically. You'll then be set homework to work on the track before the second session. After the second session we'll then take over and make the final changes before professionally mastering the track for release on LSA Records.

Once the release is ready we formulate a PR campaign for you which both LSA Records and you as the artist will run across online media. There will be a pre-sale on the lead up to the release with the aim of your release charting on platforms like Beatport. We'll harness the whole of the LSA network for this including our following of 15k+ on Instagram, 11l on Facebook, 1k+ on the Alumni group and over 3k on the mailing list. Already your release will be rolling with the punches! Not to mention you will be featured on this website as an LSA Artist and available for booking.

The program has many other benefits too including access to professional music PR companies, photoshoots, artwork and links with club promoters and festivals.

Click here to read about the course in more detail and learn how to apply.

Oct 20, 2019
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