J Zafrica is a Techno DJ and producer based in London, UK. His latest EP 'Tripping in Silence' cements his discography further with two hardcore tracks that have ecstatic highs and epic lows. The EP will take you on a journey within another realm, certainly a trip but certainly not silent! We caught up with him to chat about his new release and career to date.

You're a Techno DJ and producer from South Africa, tell us about your creative journey so far and a bit about yourself...

The journey has been fun but hard due to this Covid situation having a mental effect on everyone, in all sorts of different ways I think. Since coming to UK, I have learnt a lot about music and the industry in general. LSA opened a lot of doors and is a great place to meet new people and learn new things.

What are your working methods when it comes to music production? Which programs and plugins do you use and why?

My working method is weird! I will start a track and have about 10 – 20 saved files of the project and the end result is nothing like the start.
I use FL Studio, always have been, I love the layout and workflow. Plugins I use often include Reaktor’s Monark, I can create pretty cool dark synths with it, I think I use it in every track. I also love Native Instruments Raum ( Reverb) Its free and has insane reverb settings that allow you to tweak to your liking. I use Saturation Nob on almost every Channel to bring out the fatness in my sounds. Saturn for side-chaining, and there are loads more…

Your techno sound is very dark but has highs and lows that really transport the listeners to a trance-like vibe! What is your perfect DJ set and style of Techno?

I have no Idea what my perfect style is, I think it all depends on how I feel, I love hi-energy Trance-like synths but with Techno drums and lots of low rumbles.
In a way I am busy doing my own style, or genre, whatever one would want to call it! My music is too trance for Techno and too Techno for Trance, so that means I am on the right track busy with something new. Coming back to DJ sets anything with a big KICK and cool Synths!

What are your favourite Techno clubs and gigs that you have performed?

Egg was amazing, having played and all three rooms, but I think the layout has changed now. Also, going to Warsaw Poland at Club Luzztro with a good friend Adam Obrebski and his brand NBSE (Probably my best gigs I have played). He has always made me welcome and had one heck of a Party! A great event I love supporting locally Is Richard Hurst's AKA (Photrix) PM:AM Event. Having played there and parting at most of his events, I must say that if you want a good night out look PM:AM up on Facebook. Amazing light shows, music and cool people!

You are quite prolific when it comes to producing Techno music. What new tracks and projects do you have in the works?

I am Having a New Release with LSA now, my first after taking a year off in this covid period. I will slowly be releasing now and getting back into it. Be on the look out for my new EP 'Tripping in Silence' out on LSA!

Jun 17, 2021
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