rtist Samantha Togni talks to us about her career and her forthcoming release on LSA Records with remixes from Wax Wings, Neri J and Third Wife.


Tell us about your journey from Italy to the UK and how it's affected you as a person and artist.
Growing up in Italy has definitely shaped my music taste and gave the foundation of the vision I have today. I grew up in the punk and hardcore scene, always travelling around the country to check out gigs. That has definitely been a major influence of my aesthetic and the message I want to give with my music and performances. In the UK I discovered electronic music and clubs, the combination of the two made me the artists I am today.

You've been touring a lot lately, we'd love to know more about your travels around the globe and how these experiences have influenced your music.
The past four months have been really hectic, I have been gigging in Europe a lot and couple of times in America. I will be in Sweden, Italy, Germany in the next few months as well as Cuba and Mexico this late Spring. I got to know such amazing artists and overall had the best time. It's definitely challenging being creative while being constantly on the go but I try to stay focused as much as I can. Being surrounded by other inspiring artists definitely keeps my drive going.

You run your own night in London. Tell us about the night, it's ethos and the people that frequent it.
I created Boudica because I wanted to give a platform to womxn and non-binary artists that focuses on the darker spectrum of electronic music. Our event is at The Pickle Factory. We want to make sure we really stand for what is important for us, we want to give a safe space for everyone to be free to express themselves. The members of the collective wear badges on the night and if anyone feels uncomfortable or harassed we will be there to make sure that sexism, transphobia ad racism won't be tolerated. Boudica is also a podcast and a soon-to-be label, currently I am collecting demos for the first 2020 releases!

You also work with legendary alt-techno night Inferno, tell us more about that.
I have been part of Inferno for a long time now and it has been great seeing it becoming so influential in the London underground scene. There are big plans coming for Inferno too. Soon, we are taking over the Institute Of Contemporary Art which is absolutely crazy! On top of that, we are expanding in a bigger club with an amazing sound system!

You are also a model and have a striking style. Are fashion and style important to you as an artist?
It is definitely a big part of who I am and since I was a teenager, it's an extra tool I have to express what I stand for. I am always lucky enough to be invited to play at Fashion Week parties, I just came back from Paris and before that I performed here at LFW. It's always a nice feeling seeing all those amazing outfits messed up and drenched in sweat!

What other artists do you work with?
I have a bunch of projects I am working on at the moment. I am writing my album and Warboy has been helping me out in his studio with that. I am now working on my own vocals, which is definitely a challenge but also fucking cool! I have a record coming out with Danny Passarella this summer which is something I am really looking forward to people hearing. I have been working with R√łttar and Lady Maru on some new songs which will be out this year. In addition, I am currently working on a remix for an artist who wrote my favourite album of all time... but that's as much as I can tell for now!

Which other artists influence you in some way.
Everything that has a vibe which makes you stomp but is also camp and not too serious. I like electronic music with a punk attitude but also makes you a bit emotional. To give you an understanding, my latest plays on Spotify are Kap Bambino, Koudlam and Hector Oaks.

Lastly, tell us about your new release on LSA Records 'Whisperers'.
I have been experimenting a lot with my own vocals and production, allowing yourself to be able to express your thoughts with lyrics really changes the perception of what you trying to get out there. Whisperers focuses on hiding your own selves as a form of protection, but at the same time the ambivalence of the reckless self which jumps into the unknown, regardless of what's out there waiting. I have some really talented people working on this, Wax Wings, Third Wife and Neri J. They all bring something really rare to the track with their creativity.


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Jan 24, 2020
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